Best Laptop for Truck Driver

Best Laptop for Truck Driver Reviews & Buying Guide In 2022

As a person who remains behind the wheels for most of the day, it is natural to want the best laptop for a truck driver. It can make navigating through different routes feel like a piece of cake.

However, in this case, not all of the available models are a good pick. Plenty will claim to have a longer run time and offer outstanding performance. But in reality, most of them are nothing but cash grabs.

For that reason, we took our time to look through all of the options that seemed promising. We compared them intensively to find out the ones that are worthy of your hard-earned money. And in this article, we will make it easier to get one of them. So, stick till the very end!

Can I Use Laptop While Driving without Upfront Laptop Mount?

Yes, if the laptop has rubber feet, it will be possible to use it on the top of the dashboard. However, we would not recommend using it while you are driving unless it is for navigational purposes. Without keeping your eyes on the road, you can end up with accidents.

Nonetheless, if you can install a proper mount on the truck’s front, you can surely use a laptop while driving without facing any stability issues.

10 Best Laptops for Truck Drivers In May 2022 [Expert Recommended]

We have tested more than 30 different laptops that were from other manufacturers. Even though many met most of the offered good overall performance, not all met the essential criteria. The models that did, however, are these:

  1. MacBook Pro 2020 – Top Pick

There are not that many options that can offer outstanding performance and look sleek at the same time. However, if you were looking for something like that, consider this offering from Apple.

When it comes to performance, it relies on the latest Apple-designed M1 chip. That chip has eight different cores, and it can take on resource-intensive applications without throttling one bit. You can run most of the navigation and other truck driving-related apps effortlessly on this.

It also comes with an eight-core GPU. The GPU unit is about five times faster in terms of handling graphics-intensive applications when compared to the average offerings. That means it will be easier to load and carry out the graphics-related functions on this device too.

The laptop also boasts a high-capacity battery. Thanks to the processor’s efficiency, you would be looking to get up to 20 hours of run time. And that amount of run time is more than enough to go through a single driving trip smoothly. It even has a sleek overall design.

Furthermore, you will find a blazing fast SSD. It has a good amount of storage and can handle files like butter. Accessing and moving the large files will not take that long either.

  • Features Apple-designed M1 chip
  • It has an eight-core GPU
  • Boasts a high-capacity battery
  • The overall design is pretty sleek
  • Utilizes a super-fast SSD
  • There are not that many connectivity ports
  • The screen is not that high-end

Short Verdict

It comes with a highly capable and efficient CPU. Also, it has a large-capacity battery that will offer up to 20 hours of run time. The overall design is pretty sleek as well.

  1. Apple MacBook Air Z125000DL – The Best in the Market

The lightweight feature is what truck drivers would want out of their laptops. And in that case, the Apple Macbook Air is a perfect pick. Wondering why? Go through the review and find out!

As the name suggests, it is really like holding air when you compare it with the overall average offerings available in the market. It will be easy to carry it with you to your truck, and the dashboard mount will not have to withstand too much load if you plan to place it there.

It does not back down one bit in terms of performance either. The system flaunts an M1 chip that has an eight-core CPU. That chip is well capable of handling resource-intensive applications. It will also fly on the navigation apps and allow you to operate them while driving smoothly.

There is a high-capacity SSD too. The 512GB of space will be more than enough to store personal files and driving-related files. Also, it is exceptionally fast. In other words, it can load large-sized files in a small amount of time.

The screen is reasonably bright and clear too. It has a high resolution and can display images with higher quality. You will also find a Touch ID, which will make it easier to keep the OS and the files inside the drive secure.

  • Exceptionally light in weight
  • Utilizes eight-core CPU
  • It has a high-capacity SSD
  • The storage drive is reasonably fast
  • Features Touch ID
  • It has only 2 USB ports
  • Does not have a proper cooling system

Short Verdict

The system is reasonably light in weight. It also utilizes a highly capable CPU that will be capable of making your workflow smooth. Also, it has a high-capacity SSD, which can access and move files quickly.

  1. ASUS ExpertBook B9 – Best Military-Grade Laptop

A truck needs to go through a lot of challenging terrains. And that means all of the components inside has to withstand a lot of impacts. Well, that is where this offering from ASUS comes into play.

Unlike some of the other offerings, it has a military-grade chassis and a Military Grade 810G rating. The alloy body can handle a good amount of stress and load. For that reason, even if you drive your truck on the bumpiest terrain, it will not show any defects on the exterior.

Even though it is built like a tank, it does not weigh like one. The overall weight is just 2.2 pounds. It is exceptionally thin. Due to having such a form factor, mounting it on the front of the truck will not be an issue at all. You can carry it from the vehicle to your home comfortably.

The keyboard is spill-resistant as well. Basically, there will be nothing to worry about even if you spill coffee on it while driving. Also, the theErgoLift hinge will let you set this one up in different positions. It also has a built-in Alexa. You can offer hands-free voice commands using that.

The performance it offers is top-notch too. The processor it integrates is Core i7, and it has 16GB of RAM. You will also find a high-speed storage device. The total storage capacity it offers is 512GB.

  • Flaunts a military-grade chassis
  • Exceptionally light in weight
  • Features an ErgoLift hinge
  • Sports a Core i7
  • Has 16GB of RAM
  • The cooling system is a bit loud
  • It might ship with some defects on the screen

Short Verdict

The Military Grade durability rating is the thing that makes it stand out the most. It can withstand a good amount of stress and impact. The screen is highly adjustable as well.

  1. ASUS ZenBook 13 – Best Ultra-Slim Laptop

Want something that is highly portable? Well, what you might be looking for all this time is probably this one that is from ASUS.

The device has ultra-slim bezels. Its screen has a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is going to make the content feel immersive. The screen is not the only slim thing on this device; the whole body is remarkably small and thin. For that reason, it will be easy to carry it around.

It is incredibly durable too. Like the previous model, it has a MIL-STD 810G rating. That means it will be capable of handling load and impacts exceptionally well. You can keep it on the front of the truck without worrying one bit. The battery has a high capacity, which can make it run for a prolonged time.

In terms of processing power, it utilizes a Core i7 CPU. That can boost up to 4.6 GHz and should be capable of handling any task you throw at it. The manufacturer paired it up with 16GB RAM. As a result, it will be capable of handling multitasking exceptionally well too.

There is also a fast SSD with a good amount of capacity. It has 512GB of capacity, and as it utilizes PCIe connectivity, it will be capable of moving files and loading the files reasonably fast.

  • Slim overall design
  • 95 percent screen to body ratio
  • Boasts MIL-STD 810G
  • It relies on a Core i7 CPU
  • Pairs up with a 512GB NVMe SSD
  • The trackpad is a bit finicky sometimes
  • It does not have Thunderbolt 3 support

Short Verdict

Its main feature is the ultra-slim design. The screen has a reasonably high screen-to-body ratio. It even utilizes 16GB of RAM and has a highly durable chassis.

  1. Lenovo Flex 5 81X20005US – Best 2 in 1 Laptop

Two-in-one designs can make the task of using a laptop while driving an easy task. And that, precisely, is what you will get from this offering.

As we mentioned, the device features a 2 in 1 design. The hinge has a 360 degrees mechanism that will let you use the device both as a laptop and a tablet. You can even adjust it according to your preference to get customized standing or mounting positions of the laptop.

Apart from the design, the unit is comparatively light and thin. It weighs just 3.64 pounds, which means it will not be putting that much load on the dashboard mounting mechanism. Also, it is just 0.82 inches thick. Because of how thin it is, you can store it easily in tight and small spaces.

There will be no need to worry about the run time either. It sports high-capacity cells that will make the device run for up to 10 hours. The device also has a quick charging mechanism. Thanks to that, it can charge up to 80 percent in just an hour. Its touchscreen can register ten different touches as well.

The processor the device relies on is highly efficient too. Also, as the screen has an FHD resolution, it will be capable of outputting crisp and sharp images. You will even receive a digital touch pen.

  • Utilizes a 2 in 1 design
  • The hinge can rotate 360 degrees
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Can run up to 10 hours
  • It comes with a touch pen
  • Includes too much bloatware
  • The brightness of the screen is not that high

Short Verdict

The 2 in 1 design will allow you to use the device at any preferred position. It also comes with a touchscreen that can register ten touches at a time.

  1. Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 – Best Durable Laptop

Even though a couple of options out there will feature mil-standard components, not many utilize a rugged chassis. Well, if you were looking for one, keep this product from Panasonic in consideration.

The thing that makes it rugged is the chassis. It features a construction of high-quality and sturdy materials. As a result, it can resist shocks, impacts, and vibration exceptionally well. That means it will not show any defects on the exterior even if you drop it accidentally.

Its chassis can also resist high and low temperatures. You can leave it on the truck while it is on parking mode and not worry about the components getting damaged. The chassis can even block the dust from getting inside the components. That will enhance the lifespan and make it perform optimally for a long time.

Furthermore, the keyboard is spill-resistant. In other words, if you accidentally spill coffee or other drinks on top of it, it will still function optimally. You can also install 4G LTE sim cards inside, letting you easily use the navigation applications. The device also offers quick internet access.

There is a handle on the top. That makes the task of moving it around and carrying it from one place to another an effortless task. It also comes with a storage drive that has a shock-mounted cage.

  • It features a rugged chassis
  • Can resist shocks and impacts
  • Compatible with 4G LTE
  • Easy to transport
  • It has a spill-resistant keyboard
  • The processor is a bit dated
  • It comes with a slow HDD

Short Verdict

Its main highlight is the rugged chassis. The body can resist shock, impacts, and vibrations. Also, it is 4G LTE compatible, making connecting it to the internet an easy task when you are on the road.

  1. HP Stream 14 – Best Christmas Gift Laptop

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a truck driver who has wanted a laptop for a long time? Well, you might have just stumbled upon that!

Let us first talk about the screen it utilizes. It has 14 inches panel that has an HD resolution. The screen can get reasonably bright, and it will be easy to view the content on display under the sun. Also, the processor is pretty capable; it can boost up to 2.6 GHz and can handle most of the navigational tasks.

The device also has an integrated graphics processor that will be capable of handling moderate graphics-intensive tasks. Even the wireless chip of the system is highly capable. It will be able to maintain a stable wireless connection to devices. There is a micro-SD reader present as well.

You will also find a total of three USB ports, which will let you connect wired devices easily. Two of the ports are USB 3.1. For that reason, the data transfer speed through the ports will be up to the mark. The device also features dual speakers. They can offer crisp sound, thanks to integrating DTS Studio.

It even comes with a full-sized keyboard. The keys are comfortable to type on. And the front-facing camera is capable of capturing high-quality images.

  • It uses a bright 14 inches panel
  • The processor is reasonably competent
  • Features an SD card reader
  • Boasts two USB 3.1 ports
  • Flaunts dual speakers with DTS Studio
  • The storage space is only 64 GB
  • HP Stream 14 does not utilize a high-capacity battery

Short Verdict

The device features a stellar 14 inches screen that gets exceptionally bright. It also has a good enough CPU that can handle navigational tasks like a pro. Also, there are two USB 3.1 ports.

  1. ASUS Laptop L210 – Has NVMe M.2 Port

M.2 SSDs can surely change the overall user experience. Handling large files becomes an easy task with them. And ASUS has left an upgrade path for installing such a drive in this laptop.

First of all, the device has an exceptionally lightweight nature. It weighs just 2.2 pounds with the battery. The form factor is reasonably compact. It is 0.7 inches thin and will fit in any tight and small spaces without any issues. That means you can accommodate it on top of the dashboard pretty easily.

The processor is highly efficient too. It has a 4M cache and can boost up to 2.8 GHz. Thanks to how efficient the CPU is, it will be capable of enhancing the overall battery life. You can expect the device to run for up to 12 hours while running the low-demanding applications.

The operational noise level of the device is exceptionally low. There is no fan, and it will not distract you when you are trying to focus on the road. Its hinges can bend to about 180 degrees. This bending ability will allow you to customize the viewing position according to your preference.

As there is an M.2 slot, it will offer you the ability to install an SSD if you want to. Also, there are a good number of connectivity ports present. You can connect storage devices with them pretty quickly.

  • The total weight of the device with the battery is just 2.2 pounds
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Utilizes a quiet fanless design
  • Features an M.2 slot
  • ASUS Laptop L210 has a bendable hinge
  • The processor is not that high powered
  • ASUS Laptop L210 comes with 4GB of RAM only

Short Verdict

First of all, it is light in weight, and it is highly portable. Secondly, it has an M.2 slot and a fanless design that lets it operate while being totally silent.

  1. HP Premium 14-inch – Good Value for the Money

Want to get your hands on a good system and not break your wallet while trying to get it? Well, HP might have the perfect offering for you then!

Although it does not cost that much, it does not look cheap at all. In fact, it has premium looks. The sleek outlooks will make your dashboard look exquisite. Also, the processor that it boasts is reasonably capable. It will be able to run most of the personal apps and lightweight apps without any hiccups.

The screen of the device is pretty praiseworthy too. It has a 6.5 mm thin micro-edge bezel, which will enable you to view more content than black bars. The display is touch-capable as well. As a result, it will be easy to navigate through the apps. The touch functionality will make it easier to use the device while driving.

HP Premium 14 also comes sporting a high-capacity battery. For that reason, you can operate it throughout the entire driving trip without worrying about it dying on you. And the lightweight and compact nature of the device will make the task of carrying and moving it around hassle-free.

This device has a good number of connectivity ports too. There is an SD card reader, two full-sized USB ports, one USB-C port, and an HDMI port. You will also find an HDMI port and headphone jack.

  • Offers great value proposition
  • The screen has 6.5 mm bezels
  • Touch compatible
  • HP Premium 14 has a high-capacity battery
  • Features a good number of connectivity ports
  • It comes with a 64GB storage drive only
  • Some installed software is a bit glitchy

Short Verdict

Even though it does not have a costly price tag slapped on it, it does not look cheap at all. Also, the processor and screen are capable of offering you a stellar user experience.

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 1 14 – Best Budget-Friendly Laptop

Another laptop that will not require you to break your bank is this unit from Lenovo. It has a lot to offer for the money it is asking. You should go through this review to know about it all.

To start with, it utilizes a Celeron N4020 processor. This power-efficient CPU can boost up to 2.8 GHz. It will be capable of handling and running most of the applications smoothly. There is an M.2 PCIe slot too. You can install a super-fast SSD on it to get quick access to files.

The screen will not disappoint you either. It has a 14 inches panel that has reasonably narrow bezels. Your productivity will increase for the thin bezels, and it will be possible to get a wide view of the navigational apps while driving. The panel runs at an HD resolution.

Furthermore, it has Dolby Audio. The speakers deliver crystal-clear sound. And as there are two speakers, you can get an authentic stereo experience through it. It also features a compact and slim form factor. The overall weight is three pounds, making it easy to carry around.

You will also find a high-speed wireless chip. It will ensure a stable and steady wireless connection between different devices. There are 2 USB ports, which boast a 3.1 interface.

  • Utilizes a power-efficient CPU
  • It has an M.2 PCIe slot
  • Features a 14 inches HD screen
  • Sports Dolby Audio
  • Slim and highly portable
  • The internal storage is just 64GB
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 1 14 comes with 4GB of RAM

Short Verdict

It features a power-efficient CPU and has an M.2 slot, which will let you install a super-fast SSD. And most importantly, it comes at an affordable price point.

5 Reasons You Can Use a Laptop

So, why would you need to use a laptop while driving a truck? Well, these are the reasons why:

  1. Navigation

It will help you navigate through the routes you have no idea about. Also, you can quickly ensure whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

  1. Weather Channel

You can tune in to a weather channel and get updates regarding how harsh the weather will be while you are on the road.

  1. Different Fuel Company Info

It is highly possible to run out of fuel while you are on the road. Well, if you have a laptop and internet connection, you can know about fuel stations and companies pretty easily.

  1. Necessary Notes

Want to make notes while being on the routes? A laptop for a truck driver can make it easy.

  1. Entertainment

You can take proper breaks while being on a long journey using the laptop.

8 Important Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Perfect Laptop for a Truck Driver In 2022

Want to ensure further that you get the best laptop for truck drivers? Keep these critical factors in your mind:

  1. Operating System (OS)

The operating system is going to dictate what applications you can run and what you cannot. Most of the apps might not be present on MAC OS. But you can surely use most of the applications on Windows. However, if you are not familiar with the Windows interface, MAC would be your best bet.

  1. Screen Quality

In terms of laptops, the screen is pretty important. Its quality will dictate how well you can view the contents on display. We would recommend opting for something that has at least HD resolution. But, if possible, opt for higher resolution because the pictures will look crisp and sharp on those.

  1. CPU and GPU

The power and capability of the device will rely on the CPU. For that reason, getting the devices that boast capable CPU is pretty essential. Consider the cores, threads, and clock speed of the cores. The better these numbers are, the higher the performance you will get from the device.

Other than that, factor in the GPU. If you do not get a device with a capable GPU, you might not be able to run the graphics-intensive applications that easily. Also, some of the high-quality content might not run smoothly without a proper GPU as well.

  1. RAM

Without a good amount of RAM, the processor will not be able to work smoothly. And in this case, our recommendation would be to get a device with at least 8GB of RAM. But if you can, get the ones with higher RAM because those will easily handle resource-intensive apps.

  1. Hard Disk

For storage, we highly suggest getting SSDs. Those will be capable of transferring and accessing files quickly. Also, you can boot up your windows and startup applications quickly if the SSD is fast enough.

On that note, ensure that the total capacity of the SSD is good enough for storing your essential files. If you get something that has a low capacity, you will need to struggle to keep all of the crucial files together.

  1. Battery Life

You will be on the road most of the time and might not have a charging port for the laptop available on your truck. For that reason, it is pretty crucial to get something that has a high-capacity battery. Those will be capable of providing a higher run time.

  1. Sound Quality

Consider the speakers as well. Good quality speakers will offer good sound quality, while the average quality will output distorted and mushy sound. And it will be pretty much impossible to enjoy content on the laptop if it cannot provide good sound quality.

  1. Lightweight

Finally, consider the overall weight. The devices that are relatively heavy will be hard to carry. Instead, get the lightweight units because they will be highly portable.

FAQs on The Best Laptop for Truck Driver

  • What are those laptops suitable for truck drivers?

The laptops that are lightweight, slim, has a good processor and GPU are the ones that are suitable for truck drivers.

  • Why does the truck driver need a laptop?

Firstly, for navigational purposes. Secondly, it will keep you connected with the internet, which can let you access different information about routes and places quickly.

  • What’s better for a truck driver, laptop, or tablet?

Laptops are more flexible. You can use them for navigating while you are on the truck and as a personal computer when you are in your home. So, we would say laptops are better.

  • Which laptop is best for truck drivers?

The model with a powerful CPU, capable GPU, good storage space, and lightweight would be an ideal pick for a truck driver.

  • What laptop specs do truck drivers need?

Get something that has at least a dual-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and HD display.

  • Do truck drivers need an expensive laptop?

Not really. Medium-budget laptops usually have all of the features that a truck driver would need.

  • Is a 13-Inch laptop suitable for a truck driver?

A 13 inches screen would mean that the form factor is compact. That would make the whole thing portable. So, our answer would be a yes.

  • How much RAM does a laptop need for a truck driver?

Our recommendation would be to get a device that has at least 8 GB of RAM. That amount of RAM will ensure that you can smoothly run the necessary apps.

Final Words: Best Laptop for Truck Driver

The best laptop for truck drivers would allow you to navigate the routes, take proper entertainment breaks, and be highly productive in your home. And you can get any of the models that suit your budget and needs from the models we have reviewed. All of them check the important criteria and will offer good performance.

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