Black Friday Laptop Deals Dell XPS 2021

Black Friday Laptop Deals Dell XPS 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Black Friday is the most lucrative day to buy a laptop, in my opinion. You can take advantage of deals on some of the most popular laptop series like Black Friday Laptop Deals Dell XPS 2021.

However, searching for the best laptops while the Black Friday sale is on is futile. By the time you shortlist a laptop, it might sell out.

To help you with the same, I have compiled a list of the five best Dell XPS laptops you can buy during the Black Friday deals. Before I go any further, however, it is essential to take note of the exact date when you can purchase such laptops.

What Day Is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday 2021 is on November 26. As the name itself suggests, the day is Friday. Most deals are active right from the time when the clock strikes midnight. That is why, if you want to get the most lucrative deals, you have to keep an eye on when the date changes to November 26.

Now that you know the Black Friday date, it is time to look at Black Friday’s five best dell XPS laptop deals. I have curated the laptops after going through the entire series to help you buy the best.

Our Recommended Top 5 Dell XPS Laptop for Black Friday of 2022

The five options which I have curated below can fulfill every one of your needs, like the overall best pick, or even if you’re looking for the best touchscreen laptop in the XPS series, there is a suitable option.

  1. Dell XPS 15 laptop 15.6″ – Our Top Pick

When searching for an XPS laptop, of course, you will look at the screen, memory, and storage capacity. Only when a laptop ticks all those boxes will you purchase it. This laptop is on top of my list because it offers all of that and more.

To start with, it has a 15.6 inches screen that supports 4K resolution. The 4K resolution makes it easy for you to use it for gaming, business applications, or just for streaming movies.

With the help of the 9th generation i7 processor, there will never be a lag in the performance of this laptop. Whether you use it for editing videos, watching movies, or streaming presentations, you won’t suffer any problems.

The RAM of 16 GB makes sure that multitasking isn’t going to be an issue. Thanks to the DDR4 variant, which ensures that your computer is blazing fast.

However, that’s not all!

Additionally, you get a 1 TB SSD hard disk, 4GB graphics card, and a backlit keyboard with a fingerprint reader.

For connectivity, it offers Bluetooth 5.0, an SD card reader, and USB 3.0 ports. Apart from connectivity, you get an additional input interface since it provides a touchscreen.

What more can you ask for?

With all the necessary features, it is no wonder that it is my top pick when it comes to the best Black Friday deals on dell laptops.

  • Supports 4K resolution
  • Powerful i7 processor for multitasking
  • Numerous connectivity options on offer
  • Highly versatile, suitable for business, entertainment, and personal needs
  • Blazing fast speed due to DDR4 RAM and SSD hard disk
  • Fingerprint reader for additional security
  • Touchscreen display
  • Cooling fan could have been more powerful
  1. Dell XPS 13 – Best Thin and Light Laptop

In today’s age, lightweight laptops are in the trend. Of course, such laptops are pretty thin. In the XPS series as well, there are a few such laptops. I’ve gone through all of them to pick the Dell XPS 13 as this series’ best thin and lightweight laptop.

You certainly cannot go wrong with this laptop at 2.8lbs and 6% thinner than the competition. It hasn’t sacrificed the features to achieve this portability, which is why it is on my list.

When it comes to specifications, it features a 13.4 inch full HD display along with a touchscreen. That is why; you get an additional input mode apart from enjoying the display in full HD quality.

The 16GB DDR 4 RAM ensures that there is no lag and is perfect for multitasking. Another reason why it is good enough for multitasking is because of the I7 processor, which it features.

With an iris XE graphics card, you can use it for graphic-intensive applications. That is why; editing videos or playing games isn’t going to be an issue, and with connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, transferring files isn’t an issue either.

It is compatible with Alexa, which allows you to use audio commands to control your laptop.

Apart from the wireless connectivity mechanisms, it has an HDMI port as well. That is why; transferring HD quality files or streaming them is going to be easy.

You get the option to buy it along with Windows 10 or Windows 11. The flexibility makes it easy for you to choose the windows that you prefer.

The 512GB SSD hard disk aids the high speed of the laptop. The SSD hard disks are famous for their excellent reading and writing speed, and that is why, even after going with a portable laptop, you do not compromise on speed.

Thus, if you’re searching for a computer that is easy to carry, you shouldn’t look any further than this.

  • The full HD 13.4-inch display
  • Powerful I7 processor
  • Includes a graphics card
  • Extremely thin and portable
  • Full HD display along with touchscreen
  • Does not offer USB ports
  1. Dell XPS7390 – Best Touchscreen Laptop

Many laptop users prefer the touchscreen to be the primary source of input. If you are one of them, the laptop I am highlighting now is best for you. It is the best touchscreen laptop among the XPS series.

As for the display, it offers a 13-inch display. The full touchscreen display has an infinity edge. That is why the display gets maximized according to the frame of the laptop.

With the help of the 10th generation i5 processor, the responses were pretty fast.

As for the RAM, it offers you 8 GB RAM along with a 256 GB SSD hard disk. The SSD hard disk increases the speed of the laptop.

Using the Windows 10 home edition, the computer offers you a complete touchscreen experience.

The connectivity options like the microSD card reader and USB 3.1 port allow you to transfer files to and from the laptop efficiently.

Additional features include the fingerprint reader as well as a backlit keyboard. You also have stereo speakers to use the computer for entertainment.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy for you to connect various devices wirelessly.

The full HD resolution of the touchscreen ensures that if you want to use it traditionally, you can certainly do so.

Along with all this, you get a battery life of up to 17 hours, making it probably the best touchscreen laptop you can go with.

  • Excellent entertainment laptop
  • Fully responsive touchscreen
  • Numerous wireless and wired connectivity options
  • 13 inches infinity edge display
  • Powerful 10th generation i5 processor
  • Packaging could be better
  1. Newest Dell XPS 7590 – Best Backlit Keyboard Laptop

One of the main luxuries of owning a laptop is that you can use it anywhere. However, that is only possible when it has an excellent screen and backlit keyboard. If that is your requirement, this laptop will fulfill it.

The 15.6 inches screen, which supports 4K resolution and the backlit keyboard, ensures that you can use it in complete darkness.

With the i7 processor, it provides more than enough power for business, personal, and entertainment applications. Couple that with the 2TB SSD hard disk, and you will have no complaints regarding the speed either.

Another thing which aids the speed is 32GB RAM. You will scarcely find any other laptop on this list with such high RAM.

Additionally, it packs a video graphics card, making it easy for you to play games and edit videos. The graphics card makes the laptop highly versatile.

You get the Windows 10 home edition which is equally easy to operate and customizable.

With the help of a fingerprint reader, securing your laptop isn’t going to be an issue.

It is also one of the laptops that provide you with the most ports, including an SD card slot, USB 3.1 port, HDMI port, headphone/microphone combo port, USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, and so on.

When you add to that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, in terms of connectivity options, it is 2nd to none.

With so many features along with a backlit keyboard, this is an XPS laptop that you cannot miss.

  • Extremely powerful with SSD hard disk and advanced processor
  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Easy to secure using the fingerprint reader
  • 6 inches screen with 4K compatibility
  • A bit on the heavier side
  1. DELL XPS 13 7390 – Best Affordable Laptop

Laptops often sport features that might sound great on paper but aren’t useful to many individuals. There is no point in going with such laptops. Rather than these, it is a good idea to go with a budget range laptop which might miss out on these luxurious features but have all the necessary ones.

The laptop I am highlighting now is one such laptop that provides you with the complete package without the extravagant features you probably are not going to use.

This laptop features a 4th generation i7 processor and 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD hard disk. Combining these three provides you with a computer that can run at a decent speed without lag.

The 13.3-inch full HD display ensures that you won’t face any issues when streaming movies or using it for your entertainment.

It hardly seems to miss out on anything with additional features like a backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, Bluetooth 5.1, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

As for connectivity, it offers two thunderbolt3 ports, USB 3.1 type C port, a microSD card reader, a universal audio port, and a lock slot.

The Windows 10 64-bit, which comes along with it, makes it easy for you to operate the laptop.

It has a sports integrated UHD graphics card, which ensures that you can use it for gaming, streaming, video editing, and so on.

If you prefer a laptop that you can use for multiple applications without over-the-top specifications, do consider this one.

  • Powerful processor for multitasking
  • Adequate security features
  • Multiple wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Comes with Windows 10 64-bit
  • Does not have a touchscreen


Once you choose a laptop from the list above, you can take advantage of the best Black Friday laptop deals, dell XPS 2021. These are the best dell has to offer under the XPS series.

Top 5 Tricks to Shop Laptops at Black Friday like a Pro!!

While 2021 Black Friday deals laptops are plenty, but you have to make use of all tips in the book to bag these deals before they are sold out.

Wondering how? I will help you with some tips below.

  1. Get Ready

The biggest mistake many shoppers make is not to check the deals in advance. Many times, early Black Friday laptop deals are also available.

These are live as much as 24 hours before Black Friday. That is why, if you are serious about taking advantage of top Black Friday laptop deals 2021, do check them early.

  1. Create Your Wish List

The sole purpose of my compiling this list of dell XPS laptop deals on Black Friday is to help you prepare a wish list in advance. Once you have the wish list ready, you can scoop up your favorite laptop in no time when the deals go live.

  1. Look through the Previous Deals

In the Black Friday sale, new deals keep on replacing the older ones. Especially when the older ones are sold out, it might so happen that new deals might replace them. However, checking the previous deals is always a good idea.

Wondering why? Often, when there are order cancellations or high demand for a specific deal, sites might again offer the same deal. If not for that, at least you can know the best price on that laptop and shop accordingly.

  1. Make Sure You Are Budget Ready

Another way this list of top Black Friday laptop deals 2021 can help you out is to get your budget ready. Once you have shortlisted the laptop, you will know more about the budget you need to have.

Of course, you will get discounts during the Black Friday deals, but you still get an idea regarding the ballpark amount that it will cost you.

When you have your budget ready, scooping up the deal in a few seconds isn’t going to be an issue.

  1. Online vs. Offline Shopping

There is a myth that you get better deals offline than online when it comes to laptops. However, that is not true.

The problem with locating deals offline is that you end up wasting too much time and, therefore, might miss out on online sales.

To avoid this, you have to be ready to take advantage of the Black Friday 2021 best laptop deals as soon as they go live.

Merely following these few tips will increase your chances of backing a Black Friday deal manifold.

FAQs on Black Friday Laptop Deals Dell XPS 2022

  1. Are Black Friday laptop deals worth it?

Yes, Black Friday laptop deals are worth it because they can help you save anywhere between 10% to 30% on the overall laptop cost. If you’re seriously considering buying a laptop, Black Friday is the best day to buy one.

  1. Does everything go on sale on Amazon on Black Friday?

Almost everything goes on sale on Amazon on Black Friday. However, there might be a few products or a few categories in which all products might not be available at discounted rates.

  1. What day is Amazon Black Friday in 2022?

Amazon Black Friday is on November 25, 2022. There might be a few early Black Friday laptop deals that might be accessible up to 24 hours in advance.

  1. What happens on Black Friday Day?

On Black Friday day, as soon as the clock strikes midnight, sites like Amazon offer discounts and deals on various products in their inventory.

  1. Where is Black Friday now available?

Black Friday deals are now available through the Amazon Black Friday page. However, the number of deals and the categories in which they are available are pretty limited.

  1. Is Black Fridaycanceled 2021 due to covid-19?

No, Black Friday 2021 is not canceled due to Covid-19. Amazon and other websites are taking all the precautions to ensure safe delivery in a timely fashion.

  1. How do I get free shipping on Amazon without prime? Is it possible?

To get free shipping on Amazon without prime, you need to order at least $25 worth of goods, if not more. However, you might not get two-day delivery when you opt for free shipping.

Final Words: Black Friday Laptop Deals Dell XPS 2021

With the help of the list above, you can shop for the best Dell XPS series laptops and enjoy the Black Friday laptop deals dell XPS 2021 in the process.

Now is the right time to get a powerful new laptop and comes at a hefty discount due to the top laptop deals for Black Friday.

With my carefully curated list of the best XPS series laptops above, there is no need to search for days to find a suitable laptop. Please choose one from the list above and go for it on Black Friday.

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