Best Laptop for Full Stack Developer

A Guide To The Best Laptop for Full Stack Developer In 2022 | Top 10 Picks

From a software developer’s perspective, choosing the best laptop for full stack developer requires distinct viewpoints and specifications from regular laptops.

People are gravitating toward laptops as they are more convenient, and you can work from anywhere you want. A few years back, there were no specific laptops for coders. But with modern coding languages, tools, and workflows, there are several things you might need to optimize.

Depending on your workflow and expertise, the specifications of the CPU, RAM, GPU, and overall built-in quality might differ. We’ve broken down every single component you should know before purchasing a laptop for full-stack development.

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Are Full Stack Developer Laptops Expensive? If Yes! Here Is Why

The price of laptops for full-stack developers varies on the basis of specifications. If you want the finest laptop you must spend the cash. The reason behind the pricing is discussed below.

  • Latest CPU

The Intel® CoreTM i9 processor is the most recent CPU available on a laptop. This latest processor has 16 cores and a 30 MB Intel® Smart Cache, and the graphics of the processor is Intel® UHD Graphics 770. The core of the processor is responsible for performing a certain task promptly.

So far, 16 cores are the highest that anyone has put on their processor. And that’s what makes the processor more powerful. This processor is one of the most expensive processors launched in 2022.

  • Better RAM

The RAM on your laptop has volatile memory. It stores data from your running programs and deletes it when you close the program. For coding, there are so many options available on the basis of RAM. From 4GB of RAM to 32GB, you can upgrade as much as you want. Only a few laptops have 64 GB of RAM, and only one 128 GB laptop has been released to date, which is a record. You can go for bigger RAM, but you need to focus on other specifications as well. Otherwise, an expensive purchase will have no use in your coding.

  • Upgraded GPU

The GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit of the laptop. If your processor has an embedded graphics card, you can always upgrade it. Besides, you can buy a robust external GPU for your laptop and use that as well. You can have more fun to code if your GPU is always updated.

  • HD or Better Refresh Rate Screen

A high refresh rate screen is preferable to an HD screen for a full-stack developer. A high refresh rate monitor will give you smooth action and better performance, as you need to spend a lot of time focusing on the screen. As of now, the laptop screen has the highest refresh rate of 144Hz. But many brands are planning to build 500-1000 Hz monitors.

  • Quality Keyboard

For programming and coding, the choice of keyboard differs from person to person. Although most laptops already have a keyboard attached to them, some might find using an external portable Bluetooth keyboard more convenient. The price depends on the style, alignment, and build quality.

  • Impressive Build Quality

A professional might need to move a lot, carrying his or her laptop. That’s why built-in quality matters a lot if you want your laptop to last a long time. Most laptops come in a clamshell design, and the sizes range from 13 to 17 inches. The smaller the screen is, the lighter your laptop will be.

However, the 15- to 17-inch laptops are most likely to have a dedicated graphics card and a powerful processor. Besides, two-in-one hybrids have multi-functionality and versatility where you can experience a 360-degree screen with a detachable keyboard. The more functionality it adds, the pricier it gets.

10 Best Laptops for Full Stack Developers In May 2022

We have listed the 10 best laptops for full stack developers with an explanation of their specifications and performance. Check it out.

  1. Our Top Pick 2020 Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip

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Our top pick is the 2020 Apple MacBook Pro with the Apple m1 chip. This laptop has a 13-inch retina display, which provides a true-tone experience. The screen will never give you a hard time while coding, no matter how long you spend looking at the screen.

This model is the first one to use an Apple M1 chip on a laptop. This small chip has 16 billion transistors in it. Most of the significant elements are integrated into this single chip (Neural Engine, CPU, GPU, I/O, etc.). The M1 chip is the best for extreme workloads and processes data in the shortest amount of time.

The laptop has 8GB of unified memory. Besides, you can choose a 16GB unified memory card as well. The 8-core CPU works 2.8 times faster than the previous version.

Apple claims its 8-core GPU is the most advanced graphics processor so far. You will get a hint of the performance while performing the first code on this laptop.

Web development needs a plethora of space, as the size of your code may vary from 3MB to 13GB. It depends on the project you are working on display ensuring eye-soothing screen time g on. As a result, 1 TB of storage may be sufficient for your needs in terms of storage.

Now, let’s look at what the neural engine offers. The 16-core M1 chip provides the smoothest performance while running a program. The coders know how much a laptop can heat and make noise during a heavy workload. Here, none of the facts will bother you.

  • Apple M1 processor guarantees fast performance.
  • The lightweight laptop is very convenient to carry anywhere you want.
  • The 13-inch screen comes with a true-tone display ensuring eye-soothing screen time.
  • There are plenty of storage options that you can choose from according to your preference.
  • Doesn’t heat up while performing any complex code.
  • Many coders might find it expensive.

Special Notes

If price is not an issue and you want the most advanced technology for full-stack development, then this laptop is the one that you can consider the best.

  1. Latest Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 14 – Best for Pro developer

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The latest Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is a lightweight laptop that is extremely convenient to carry. The sleek design is eye-catching and doesn’t compromise the internal built-in quality. This is the best Lenovo laptop for full stack web development 2022.

Here, the battery life is exceptionally good and can give good competition to other high-end laptops. Up to 15-hour battery life is one of the most impressive features of this gadget.

Besides, the unique fast charging factor is an add-on to any full-stack developer. Because of these amazing attributes, a full-stack developer doesn’t need to bother about running out of battery while working outside their workstation.

Now, let’s hash over to the inside properties of the laptop. The laptop has an Intel 10th generation processor. The Core i7 i7-10510U processor can handle a heavy workload quite easily and won’t cause any hassle while compiling any complex data.

The 32GB of RAM is also efficient for web development. It is difficult to upgrade the 32 GB of RAM or the 512 GB PCIe SSD in this laptop, so this issue might seem like a drawback to you.

  • The 2.6 pound laptop is quite handy.
  • Impressive battery life that can last up to 15 working hours.
  • Fast charging facility will save a lot of your time.
  • The Core i7 processor is powerful enough to pull off any web development project.
  • RAM and SSD upgrades are not accessible.

Special Notes

The weight of this laptop is negligible when it comes to travelling. Now you can carry a robust laptop without worrying about the weight and bring your A game in web development.

  1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 GX703HS 17.3″ WQHD – Best powerful Laptop

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The reason behind choosing ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 on our list is the power of this beast. This one aims to blur the line between having a powerful desktop and combining that with the portability of a laptop.

It has an 11 gen Intel Core i9-11900 processor with 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM. The processor has an all-core boost speed of   ‎2.5 GHz, which can take a maximum amount of workload. Its speed is one of the cause why we call it one of the best laptops for full stack developer.

You will get some of the most amazing units under the hood. The funky mechanical keyboard tilts up by 5 degrees, which will comfort you while typing. The tilt will give you ease and increase the airflow, which mitigates the chance of heating the device.

It’s got optical-mechanical switches, so the key presses are a little louder than the other laptops. The 17.3 inches screen with 120Hz/3ms display and 4K resolution is something to watch for. For colour accuracy, it boosts a 100dci p3 colour gamut that provides the best screen time experience.

The S17 has a 4-cell 90 WH battery. However, the battery life isn’t that impressive. You can work for 5 hours at a stretch on this laptop, which is not a stirring factor.

  • Powerful processors can achieve any high-tech project.
  • The 5 degree tilted keyboard is considered to be pleasant to users.
  • A large 4K display will provide you with the ultimate screen time experience.
  • The laptop is lightweight.
  • The battery life is not that convincing.

Special Notes

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 is a beast compact in a sleek form. It will provide the best service to any full-stack developer without a doubt.

  1. HP Spectre x360 13T 2021 Intel Core i7 11th – Best For Android App Developer

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The HP Spectre x360 13T 2021 is a two-in-one laptop that can flip all the way around. Before getting into the technical side, how could we not mention its look? The thin and sleek laptop has the most amazing outlook.

You will be spellbound. The sharp golden edges of the laptop comprise the power button, charging port, USB ports, Type C slot, and other necessary connections. To be honest, the first impression will amaze you with its amazing features.

This laptop is powered by an Intel® Core TM i7-1195G7 processor and has a fantastic graphics upgrade option. Its 16 GB of RAM and 1TB hard disk are powerful enough to provide you with an exceptional web development experience.

The 13-inch display has a 1920×1080 resolution, which provides a crisp perception of the screen. Its screen can rotate 360 degrees, which will allow you to use it as a tablet as well. A rechargeable MPP 2.0 pen is attached to the laptop that you can use on the touch display for doing multiple tasks.

This powerful gadget weighs about 2.8 lbs., which is another plus point when you want a lightweight laptop that you can fetch at any time and move easily. Few laptops have fingerprint facilities. Here, the HP Spectre x360 gives you a pretty large fingerprint scanner area.

Although we are suggesting it for web development purposes, you can do a lot more than that with this gadget.

  • The powerful processor with upgradable internal memory is great for space and speed.
  • Touch pad can rotate 360 and is convertible to a tablet.
  • The battery has a fair amount of longevity.
  • The size and weight are also commendable with a powerful insight.
  • Fingerprint accessibility is available.
  • The cooling fan can make an annoying noise.

Special Notes

The HP Spectre x360 is a multifunctional laptop that can meet all your expectations when it comes to web development and other sectors like graphics designing, gaming, and so on.

  1. 2021 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, Apple M1– Best Powerful, Light and Thin Laptop

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The Apple MacBook Pro 2021, with a 16-inch display, is another fine laptop for web development. There is no doubt that Apple provides the highest quality in every component available.

It has 16 GB of RAM with a 16-core neural engine that will take care of the speed issue. Here, the M1 Pro has a 16-core GPU option that allows you to experience speed and finesse while doing any coding. You will find the optimum speed while running a code with no interruption.

The 16-inch display has an amazing contrast ratio because of the liquid retina display.It has the most amazing magic keyboard and a touch ID. You will find the keyboard very responsive and comfortable while typing.

Another amazing thing about the Apple MacBook Pro is that multiple up-gradation options are available. You can choose according to your needs and budget as well. You can upgrade your RAM to up to 32 GB and your SSD storage to 1 TB.

Besides, the excellent battery support is another plus for this laptop. The battery of the MacBook Pro can run for up to 21 hours. So, you don’t need to bother about charging your laptop now and then.

  • Amazing battery backup (up to 21 hours)
  • Thin and powerful at the same time
  • Multiple upgrade options are available for RAM, GPU and storage.
  • Liquid retina XDR display provides a sharp looking screen.
  • The laptop is expensive

Special Notes

Despite its high price, this MacBook Pro is worthwhile to purchase due to its powerful insight.

  1. MSI Crosshair17 17.3″ 144Hz FHD Gaming Laptop – Best Back-End Developer

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The MSI Crosshair17 17.3″ 144Hz FHD laptop is best known for its ultimate gaming experience. But the laptop has much more to offer for back-end developers. That is why we have included this one as one of the best laptops for full-stack web development.

MSI Crosshair17 comes with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 2.4 GHz core_i7_family processor. NVIDIA, with 6GB of GPU, sits alongside the chipset brand. Now you can understand why we call it one of the best.

It has a large screen, which is a 17.3-inch display. The large display will ease your job while coding for a long time. As this one is mainly a gaming laptop, the brand didn’t compromise on the keyboard quality either. You will find the keyboard smooth and easy to surf.

The battery life is not outrageously great, but almost 9 hours of battery life is quite efficient for any user.

  • Great design with amazing features
  • A powerful processor and GPU will boost your productivity.
  • Doesn’t heat excessively after a heavy workforce.
  • The pricing is reasonable without compromising the built-in quality.
  • The battery life is average

Special Notes

The MSI Crosshair17 is not amongst the lightest and thinnest laptops but rather a powerful one.

  1. 2021 Apple MacBook Pro (14-inch, Apple M1 Pro – Best For Long Battery Life

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We have listed the Apple MacBook Pro as having a long-lasting battery life with powerful goodness that is adequate for any full stack developer. They refer to the M1 Pro as being scary fast.

The CPU can have up to 10 cores, the GPU can have up to 32 cores, and the neural engine can have up to 16 cores. The performance of the CPU is 3.7 times faster, and the graphics performance is 13 times faster, as they claim. Besides, you will get 16 times faster performance in machine learning as well.

All these amazing features come with up to 21 hours of battery life. This is where you meet speed with efficiency. Apple never fails to provide a world-class display on their MacBook. This MacBook Pro 2021 has a liquid retina XDR display. It has high-end color contrast and refined lights with great color grading.

The cooling property of this device is also fascinating. The cooling fan will not turn off while you are working on the laptop. So, it never has time to produce excessive heat.

  • An advanced cooling fan that never turns off
  • Super amazing display
  • Extraordinary battery performance for long working hours
  • Amazing built-in quality with the most advanced CPU and GPU will provide the best service.
  • The price is high

Special Notes

The MacBook Pro is for those who want longer battery life and less interruption while doing coding projects.

  1. LG gram Thin and Light Laptop – Best Multipurpose Laptop

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The LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop is unbelievably lightweight for a 17-inch laptop. This is our top pick for a multipurpose laptop as you can do a bunch of stuff like gaming, graphics designing, and so on alongside web development.

The processor they used in this laptop is the Intel Core i7 8565u, an 8th Gen processor with 16 GB of RAM. Here the graphics are 16 GB, and SSD storage is 512 GB.

All these specifications are quite impressive for any full-stack developer. It can take as much work as you can push. The graphics here are Intel HD Graphics 610.

The 17-inch LCD might not be amongst the smartest, but it works fairly enough for any web development job. The display is colorful and bright and doesn’t have a matte finish.

Although many glossy panels have a touch screen, in this case they don’t have that option. The touchpad is in the middle under the keypad, which might be bothersome as it gets unnecessary clicks while working on the keyboard.

The touchpad is also very responsive and is bigger than the previous version. With so many amazing properties, the laptop is very lightweight and thin.

  • A large 17-inch display provides a great screen time ordeal.
  • Powerful processor and GPU for multifunctional uses.
  • Almost 20 hours of impressive battery life
  • Very lightweight for a big size laptop
  • The glossy screen might annoy some.

Special Notes

If you want a big laptop with the least weight, this is the one for you.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 8-13″ Touchscreen – Best Versatile Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8-13″ Touchscreen is a super light, super thin, gorgeous laptop that Microsoft launched in 2019. The surface pro 8 has 2880 by 1920 13 inch display where the side bezels are much thinner than the previous version.

The screen has a 120 Hz refresh rate. This means your screen can deliver up to 120 frames per second. This one is another two in one laptop which is convertible to a tablet. The multifunctional property will amaze any tech-friendly web developer and loves adding cool gadgets to their collection.

Besides having a great outlook, you cannot ignore the inside beast of this little device. It has an Intel® Evo™ platform built in which will allow you to experience top-notch performance and graphics with longer battery life.

The storage SSD is 512 GB in this laptop. Its battery can run up to 16 hours without any recharge. And even if the battery runs out, it has a fast-charging facility that will allow it to recharge in the shortest amount of time.

  • Extraordinary design that has a great first impression.
  • Superfast charging facility with long battery life.
  • Multifunctionality gives you the liberty to work however you like.
  • Great, 13 inches removable screen that you can use as a tablet.
  • The product is expensive.

Special Notes

The Surfer Pro 8 is a fantastic, versatile laptop that looks great and performs admirably.

  1. ASUS ROG Strix G17 17.3″ FHD 1080p 144Hz – Best for iOS App Developer

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The ASUS ROG Strix G17 is a special mention for those who are iOS app developers. An AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor powers the laptop. This processor has 8 cores and 16 threads and a 2.9 GHz speed. The RAM is 32 GB and the storage is 1 TB PCIe.

The specifications of this robust laptop are appreciated by all types of web and app developers. The keyboard layout is excellent on this device. It has got a full numeric keypad with home, page up, page down, and other necessary layouts.

If you turn on the laptop, you will be able to enjoy its beauty. The powerful LED will do nothing but mesmerize you with its changing colors. The Asus software armory crate is included with this laptop, with which you can control the light profile.

This laptop has an advanced cooling system that cools down the device in a small amount of time. Here, the battery life is not that impressive, to be honest. It can run for up to 8 hours and needs a recharge after that.

  • Amazing design and built-in quality
  • Fast cooling facility
  • A powerful CPU with an upgradable SSD is great for speed
  • A large display for a great screen time exposure.
  • No SD card available on this laptop
  • Doesn’t have any webcam

Special Notes:

ASUS ROG Strix G17 is one of the most robust laptops in terms of look and functionality.

10 Things You Should Look For the Best Laptop for Full Stack Developer In 2022

Usually, you don’t necessarily need a robust high-end laptop for full-stack development. Let’s check on what is a must and what you can outlook while buying a laptop for full stack development.

  1. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is the most important part of programming that you should choose wisely. If your CPU is not powerful enough to run any code, then it is of no use to a programmer. However, it will depend on your proficiency. Beginners and professionals will naturally have different requirements.

You will at least need a quad-core CPU in your laptop to work as a full-stack developer. Always keep in mind that the more you learn in this field, the more powerful a CPU you will require, making your job easier.

  1. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

A high-end graphics card is not required for full-stack developers to run any software. A few scripts require a high GPU laptop, but a GPU does not do much work in full-stack development.

A graphics card is typically required for video editing, game creation, graphics design, animation, and other similar tasks. A laptop’s built-in graphics card is sufficient enough for running your programs.

  1. RAM (Random Access Memory)

Web development in 2022 is not as simple as it was before. Lower than 4GB RAM will not be able to run any code. Even a 4GB RAM can come short when it comes to running complex programs.

Honestly, a 4GB RAM will not be able to serve you for a longer time as the advancement of coding is developing day by day. That’s why it is best to choose a laptop that has at least 8 GB to 16GB of RAM.

  1. Storage

Storage is another critical consideration for a full-stack developer. In the field of web development, you will require a sufficient amount of storage.

You may begin with 256GB of RAM, but purchasing a huge storage unit is the best option if you want your laptop to endure a long time. A 1TB ROM will provide the optimum performance and efficiency.

  1. OS (Operating System)

When all other requirements get a tick, the operating system is the least you should worry about. Windows and macOS both perform outstandingly in web development. Most laptop manufacturers provide Windows as an operating system.

That’s why you will get plenty of options if you want a Windows OS. But on macOS, the options are limited. A few might also search for Linux and Ubuntu as operating systems. For those, it is best to research which laptop has pre-installed Linux to avoid any further complications.

  1. Screen Size

Laptops are handier for folks who do not operate at a fixed location and must move often. As a result, if you choose a large screen, carrying the device will be troublesome.

As a result, it will soon lose its utility. A 13–14-inch laptop is proven to be more practical and lighter than larger displays. Besides, you should also look for better display quality for the sake of your eye health.

  1. Keyboard

Never ignore the importance of a keyboard when buying a laptop for programming. You will need a smooth and functional keyboard that will ease your typing and won’t give you a hard time while typing.

Although most of the keyboard layouts might look the same, you will find a certain number of differences in them if you look closely. It is a choice. Discover your comfort and buy accordingly. You can also use an external keyboard, and there are so many customized layouts available currently that you can choose from those as well.

  1. Cooling System

Your laptop will heat up while performing a complex program. Most coders struggle with the heat while working on a stretch for long hours. That’s why you should check your laptop’s cooling system before purchasing it.

All laptops have internal cooling systems that cool the temperature of your laptop. You will still have the option to use an external cooler if you need to. Laptop cooling pads are very common for laptop users.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life is extremely crucial for coders who move a lot. It’s very annoying to look for a power socket while working on a laptop. Most laptop batteries cannot perform as they say.

And with time, it loses its power naturally. But good battery life is obvious to work outside. A minimum of 6 hours of dedicated battery health is a must for any coder who needs to work from outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you need a powerful laptop for web development?

For web development, you don’t need a powerful laptop. Although there are so many lucrative and powerful laptops available for web developers, you can still do your job without spending so much money.

Laptops with minimum specifications such as Intel Core i3/core i5, or AMD A8/A10 APU processor is adequate for any web development task. If money isn’t an issue, you can always upgrade your device to your liking.

  1. How much RAM does a web developer need?

As recent tools are always upgrading and adding more features, a minimum of 8GB of RAM is required for web development if you want to deliver professional work.

Although for basics, 4GB of RAM is good enough to start working on your beginner’s projects. The main reason for having more RAM is to increase the performance quality of your laptop. Professionals recommend using 16 to 32 GB of RAM for complicated projects.

  1. What laptop is the best for coding?

There are so many laptops available in the market that come in different price ranges. Most brands like HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer have so many options for programmers.

If you have a lower budget, you can search for these brands and buy according to your requirement. But if you want the best laptop with high specifications, then the 2020 Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip is the best laptop for coding.

  1. Which laptop is the best for Python programming?

The MacBook Pro-2021, a 16-inch Apple M1, is the best laptop for Python programming. It has a powerful processor, and the speed of the laptop is unbeatable till date. Although it is large, it is very light.

You can easily carry this one anywhere you want without worrying about the weight. From the display to the keyboard, everything is top-notch on this laptop. So far, this one is the strongest contender as the best laptop for Python programming.

  1. Is i3 good for programming?

The latest generation of the Core i3 processor can do a bunch of stuff while doing a programming project, but it is considered slow for coders. Coding is a complex language and takes a lot from the machine.

That’s why you might be able to run many of your codes on a Core i3 processor, but it will give you a hard time. Always try to upgrade to at least a Core i5 processor to do complicated coding.

  1. Which OS is the best for web development?

The most common operating systems are Windows OS, MacOS, and Linux OS. You can do programming in all three of the operating systems. Although among all Windows, it is a bit ahead of the other two.

In the Windows OS, you can work on Linux at a time. Whereas no other operating system allows you to work on another operating system at all.

  1. Does a programmer need an expensive laptop?

Sometimes people back off from coding because they think they need an expensive laptop to code. But the reality is different.

Coding can be done on an inexpensive laptop, and your quality will not be diminished in any way. There are so many alternatives that you can find if you search for low-budget coding laptops instead of expensive one.

Final Words

There you go with our special mentions for the top 10 best laptops for full stack developer. Hopefully, this article will help you choose what suits you the best and meet all your requirements in web development.

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