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Best Wenger Laptop Backpack In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

With the world waking up from quarantine, investing in the best Wenger laptop backpack in 2022 sounds like a pretty good idea. I mean, are you sure you’ll find that old backpack from that massive pile of stuff that’s accumulated in two years?

Good luck, but I highly doubt it. Besides, between the daily commute from home to office and regular offline meetings, worrying yourself over this little thing is not worth it.

Get ready to go back to school (or office) in style with a brand new backpack swung over your shoulder. Make your friends, family, and colleagues wonder how you’re still so put together and ready to go even after such a dramatic year.

Top 7 Reasons You Need a Wenger Backpack for Your Laptop In 2022

So, what makes these backpacks so unique? Here are a few reasons among the many to make my point.

  1. Water-Repelling

We all love our precious laptops, and the last thing you want is your valuable device getting wet in the rain. Water damage may ruin your electronic items, and more importantly, all of your data and media files will be lost forever.

That’s why you should pick the backpacks that come with a waterproof coating and watertight zippers to save your device from getting wet and from potentially being ruined.

  1. Easy to Carry

I will always recommend getting a backpack that’s comfortable to carry and walk around with. A bag is a pain in the bum if it’s difficult to carry around. It must be portable enough to take along with you anytime easily.

So, the backpack designers at Wenger have mitigated this problem by providing designs that have straps at many crucial points. That is why these products can be carried in any orientation and at any place in your body.

  1. Washable

Your backpack is bound to get dirty after a while of regular use. And believe me, carrying around a dirty bag is not gonna improve your social impression.

That is why I recommend getting a washing machine-friendly backpack that you can throw in the washer and boom! It’s good as new.

It should be noted that sometimes the waterproofing will get ruined if you wash your bag. But having used them, I can vouch that these bags in this list will last even after a lot of washes.

  1. Right Dimensions

A backpack that cannot support your laptop’s size is pretty useless. So take a good look at the dimensions before buying. The bag must be able to fit in the overhead luggage carriers in your daily commute.

Additionally, when traveling, it can be a headache sometimes to carry a bulky back around. So, choose a large enough bag to comfortably accommodate your daily essentials and, of course, your gadgets.

  1. Light Weight

The ideal backpack you’re gonna get itself should be as lightweight as possible. That is to ensure that you are not weighed down after the bag is filled with essentials, including a heavy laptop.

The portability and comfort of your backpack will significantly make your travel better or worse.

In my review of the best Wenger laptop backpack in 2022, I’ve included many lightweight bags to choose from. You can grab your one right now!

  1. Multi Pockets

Obviously, the reason you’re looking to buy a new bag in the first place is to store your laptop and other essentials that you might need in your travels.

So, an ideal backpack must be roomy and have multiple pockets both externally and internally. Furthermore, it should be able to combine multiple pockets efficiently.

The above-listed products have a very efficient storage capacity as they have a lot of pockets on the inside and out of the backpack. Thus, you’ll be able to organize your items most optimally.

  1. Budget-Friendly

I cannot ever recommend breaking the bank to buy a backpack. But you should also keep in mind that the higher you go in price, generally, the better the quality of the products you’re gonna get.

So, you should choose a backpack that agrees with your budget with minimal compromisation. What I can suggest is getting a bag whose price point is on the higher end of your budget.

Now let’s jump into the reviews!

Top 10 Best Wenger Laptop Backpack in May 2022 [Recommended]

Checking whether the bag will be adequate to hold your laptop is vital before making a purchase. So, here are a few of the bags that you might want to consider.

  1. PEGASUS from SwissGear by Wenger – Our top pick

The first product that I’d like to draw your attention to is the Pegasus. Like its name, the bold look and awesome design make it an incredibly stylish product to carry anything- not just a laptop.

And by the way, so many customers have rated it 5 stars that you can tell that this is a sure hit with the right people.

It has three main compartments with an extra chain to increase space. Be it your MSI or Chromebook; it’ll slide right into this bag without trouble. Each compartment is padded so that no damage occurs to your precious devices.

Additional pockets on the front compartment to keep essentials like house keys, snacks, or important papers.

This backpack is a must-have, from the travel vloggers who want to edit videos on location to the bookworms who can’t afford to leave their novels behind. This product has a weight capacity of 25L and is made of 100% polyester. The mesh side pockets make it easier to carry water bottles or lunch boxes.

  • Can carry laptops as big as 17″ or tabs of 12″ size with ease
  • Excellent durability
  • It has a platform base that allows it to be kept upright
  • Lots of small to medium compartments at the front
  • The hand straps are comfortable to hold with rubber padding
  • With the added sleeves and pockets, the main storage area is not very wide
  • You can’t zip the side pockets if you carry bigger water bottles
  1. Wenger Synergy 16-Inch, Black/Grey – Best Comfortable to Carry a Laptop

Now let’s discuss the 16-inch Synergy that looks like the first cousin of the previous pick and also comes in black. But not so fast- they’re pretty different.

This bag is great for organizing your laptop, extra cables, chargers, and other nick-nacks compactly. And unlike the other one, this has the ScanSmart technology making it highly suitable for today’s lifestyle.

Being someone who prioritizes comfort over most other things, this product exceeded my expectations.

Even after taking it to one of my trips in a relatively humid location (it was 35°C out in the day), it didn’t cause my back to itch or sweat like crazy. The signature air mesh shoulder straps combined with the airflow back panels did the trick. I can’t wait to take it on the next trip!

Another aspect of this bag is its Pass-Thru trolley sleeves that easily slide over handles of luggage trolleys. With this feature, you’ll be able to place it firmly on top of your wheeled luggage and carry even more things on your back.

And the mesh side pockets that let you hold bottles and access them easily at any time just pull the entire design together.

  • Pass-Thru sleeves allow carrying with trolleys
  • The design is very ergonomic and breathable
  • Its zippers are high-quality
  • Awesome durability and shock-resistance
  • Multiple pockets with an essentials organizer
  • Not big enough for 17″ laptops (can handle up to 16″ only)
  • It doesn’t always stand upright properly
  1. Wenger Synergy Padded Stabilizing 16 – Best laptop backpack for travel

Are you looking for something a bit more mid-range in the price? Then this following product might be your cup of tea. This stabilizing backpack with a zigzag pattern on black is perfect for standing out while staying a bit low-key. And although it looks fancy, it definitely doesn’t cost a kidney being just under 75 bucks.

Let me first rave about the shock-absorbing shoulder straps on this. I got to use it for a few days on a bike trip across a rocky trail and found it holding onto me like a leech (minus the blood-draining part, of course).

It was super comfortable to wear and really grippy on the hands. Plus, I was able to keep it standing upright thanks to the CaseBase Stabilizing platform being true to its name.

This bag is 18″ in height, 14″ in width, and 8.2″ in-depth, making it perfect for any 16″ laptop or drawing tablet. Bringing your Kindle and laptop together on a hiking trip will be no problem at all.

And the mesh side pockets that allowed easy accessibility were really convenient when you need to grab a drink on the go. There’s little to complain about this particular product with a carrying capacity of 26 Liters and AirFlow back padding.

  • Can carry a bunch of different items due to higher capacity
  • Great shock-resistance
  • Stylish and rustic design
  • Comfortable to wear and grip
  • It can easily be kept standing upright
  • Not the best for bigger laptops
  • It lacks a trolley-loop feature
  1. Wenger Tandem Backpack- A Laptop/Tablet Backpack with Lots of Pockets

Leaning more into the mid-range backpacks, here’s one that caught my attention from the get-go. This Tandem bag is an example of why old is always gold. The simple and sleek old-school design is just what you’ll need to carry everything easily daily.

There are no complicated vertical zippers, no bulging compartments in odd spots- just lots of space and lots of pockets.

The thing I loved the most about this bag was the side pockets which were accessible but not meshed. They didn’t have zippers either, making them spacious enough for all sorts of small and big bottles.

There are also two separate compartments in the front, which is a rare feature nowadays. You’ll be able to carry your lunchbox, glasses, or some extra pens separately instead of cramming everything together.

This product also features trolley sleeves to slide through luggage with wheels. The inners have an anti-scratch lining to make sure your items don’t get chipped or damaged.

Not to mention, the fit and flowy padding on both the top handle and straps were really easy on the hands. For the price it comes in, you can bet that it’ll be worth every coin.

  • It has really nice multi-purpose side pockets
  • There’s the anti-scratch lining inside
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Has trolley sleeves for ease of carrying
  • The base allows it to stand stable
  • Its plain black look might seem boring to some
  • The width is a bit less (13.5″), making it more compact
  1. Wenger Synergy Backpack – Best small, stylish laptop backpack

While the name might sound familiar, this is a different backpack in several ways. This product weighing 2 pounds is the real deal when it comes to travel gear.

Being an original Wenger, it’s bound to stand the test of time and perform like a champ all the way through.

The distinct aspects of this product are its dimensions being smaller than usual. So, if you want something that can carry your extra clothes and your Macbook or laptop simultaneously, this is it.

And best of all, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a gal- this backpack looks awesome on everybody thanks to its unisex design. The heather gray color with the black and red logo looks very classy when carried to any professional setting.

You’ll notice that there’s an extra chain in front of the frontmost compartment. Initially, I was skeptical whether it’d actually come into any use or not.

But after using it for a while, I realized just how wrong I was! In addition to carrying my laptop, my lunch box, and all the extra cables, I could sneak in my cards without using a wallet into the front sleeve.

  • Features a sleek and classy design that looks good on anyone
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • It has a Triple Protect compartment specifically for a laptop
  • The top handle is quite firm to grip
  • Awesome durability
  • Since there are more than 5 different compartments, the main one somewhat lacks room
  • Side pockets are very narrow
  1. Wenger Laptop Backpack – Best Comfort Laptop Backpack

By now, if you’re a bit bored with the black and gray monochrome colors, here’s a bit of something to spice things up. This fun and funky red-wine purplish backpack is the thing you need if you don’t mind being different and quirky.

Not to mention, this is an extremely high-quality product at a super reasonable price. You’d think it costs double what it actually sells for with the way it’s designed.

This backpack has been with me for the last 3 years, and by the looks of it, it will last me another 3 with ease. Its straps are made of genuineVacetta leather, and zippers are lockable and waterproof.

There’s adequate padding in the laptop compartment and the premium twill lining on the inside. With this, you can rest assured that nothing will get a stain or scratch any time soon.

The unique thing about this product is that it includes accessory cords alongside the bag to help secure multiple items. The Nüwa fabric used to make this product is environmentally friendly, making the whole experience of using the bag a lot more satisfying.

Any 17″ laptop will fit into this without any hassle. And the side pockets having two zippers just make them safer for storing things other than just a water bottle.

  • High-quality build, making it durable
  • Looks colorful and quirky
  • The main storage compartment is bigger than usual
  • Eco-friendly materials used
  • Has lockable and waterproof zippers
  • Heavier than average bags
  • Slightly bulky in shape
  1. Wenger Foix 16” Laptop Backpack – Best Water-Repelling Laptop Backpack

Are you worried about your electronics getting soaked on a rainy day? Since the colder days of drizzle are almost here, you can consider investing in this Foix bag instead.

Besides, if the minimal nude-toned aesthetic is more your style, then it’ll be right up your alley. This olive green bag with three separate compartments is perfect for anyone looking to create a more minimal outlook.

Just as the best things come in small packages, this small backpack has a super spacious laptop sleeve. The Triple Protect padding along with the file divider makes it super reliable.

What’s more, there’s a 12.9″ dedicated pocket for a drawing tab, which is great news for artists. No more choosing between your laptop or your graphics tab- it’s time to get the best of both worlds.

Finally, let’s talk about the real standout feature of this neat little product- the water-repelling material. Since this is made from waxed cotton canvas, it’s the perfect bag to carry on rainy days. The shoulder straps are comfortable owing to the cotton material as well. You can even adjust them to your liking if you want.

  • It is made of water repellent material, allowing it to be carried on rainy days
  • Many inner pockets and sleeves
  • There’s a lot of room in both of the main compartments
  • The olive green color looks very aesthetically pleasing
  • There’s back padding that allows airflow
  • The shoulder straps get damaged at the seams easily
  • Limited weight capacity due to cotton material
  1. Wenger Luggage CityFriend Padded – Best gym laptop backpack

With the athleisure look coming back in style more than ever, you might want something to take with you on your daily workout sessions.

Here’s your chance to make a fashion statement while being as fit as a feather. A gym backpack that matches your yoga pants and holds your laptop? Count me in.

This is a super lightweight bag that lets you carry around 19L worth of baggage with ease. It’s been launched as a part of the company’s Travel Gear, and that makes sense.

The design is so efficient and comfy- you can take it to the gym or on a cross-country road trip any day. The black color and peanut butter-colored interior make it really stand out from the average ones in stores.

There’s a Triple Protect padding in the laptop compartment and a dedicated 12.9″ tablet sleeve. What I loved the most was its sleek and polished look at the front.

Unlike many bags that go overboard and make the front look messy, this one has a clean look that screams “modern.” On top of everything, the zippers are lockable, which makes them very safe for expensive items.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Very modern and athletic look
  • It’s durable and protects items well
  • Has inner pockets that are sewn in for pens and papers
  • Lockable zippers
  • Has lesser capacity (19L) than bigger bags
  • Not made of stiff material, so it doesn’t hold its shape when empty
  1. Wenger Granite Laptop Tablet Pocket – Best Affordable Laptop Backpack

If you want something a bit more budget-friendly without compromising the quality, then allow me to suggest this next backpack. This product range well under the 50 bucks margin is well worth its price.

Granite is a product I used to use back in my early office days, and it lasted me a good while till I needed a replacement. Needless to say, it’s still one of my favorite products to recommend.

For the ones still testing the waters with this company, this should be a well-rounded product to conclude on. It is 19″ in height and 13.5″ in width. The 8″ depth allows it to store lots of items without getting too bulky.

And the design has the paddings in all the right places (both the straps and top handle) to let you get a firm grip.

With something at this price point, you wouldn’t expect to have a trolley sleeve. But this one has it, and it just makes the purchase so much sweeter.

Since the material is high-quality Ballistic and Ripstop Polyester, you can count on it to be durable. Lastly, the mesh side pockets and the CaseBase stable platform make this product a winner in my books.

  • Super budget-friendly in price
  • Has trolley sleeves
  • Made of good material
  • It can be kept upright on its own
  • The grab handle is padded
  • Not the most lightweight (2.41 pounds)
  • Its main compartment is a bit on the small side
  1. Wenger Luggage CityMove Triple Protected – Best Laptop Backpack for Carrying Anything and Everything

Being on a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean you need to settle for a product that’s one-dimensional in use. Let me prove my stance with the following product.

The CityMove Triple Protected backpack may be inexpensive, but it’s definitely not lacking in quality. It can fit almost any regularly used item you can think of and is the smaller counterpart of the old-school favorite Pegasus.

The laptop pocket in this bag is sufficiently cushioned to ensure the protection of your computer. There’s a section for carrying a tablet, a wallet, or some notebooks.

You can keep your phone securely in one of the inner sleeves. Also, the RFID protection pocket is a very nice feature that I appreciated in such a reasonably priced product.

Although this is a bit small in dimensions, it’s just enough to carry almost anything important. You can use it as a 14″ laptop carrier during workdays and a Kindle holder on your holiday trips.

The dedicated tablet pocket of 10″ also gives you the option to carry both simultaneously. Moreover, there are enough organizing pockets to keep files or folded clothes and cables neatly without having them jumbled up.

  • Zippers are of good quality material and lockable
  • Has RFID protection pocket
  • Can carry a multitude of items besides the laptop
  • Firm in shape and can stand on its base
  • The shoulder straps are really comfortable
  • It lacks a trolley sleeve
  • Not as heavy-duty as high-end products

FAQs On The Best Wenger Laptop Backpack

  • Are Wenger laptop bags waterproof?

This company makes their bags with a poly blend material which is usually water-resistant but not waterproof. If your bag is going to be exposed to rain every other day, then it’s best if you get a rain cover afterward. Water-resistant bags can handle a bit of drizzle, but not when it’s a full-blown shower.

  • Are Wenger bags good?

Yes, despite what the reasonable price tag might make you think- they’re extremely durable and high-quality. The designs are made with a lot of thought and target customer comfort and satisfaction. These backpacks are really reliable and multi-dimensional in usage.

  • Are Wenger and Victorinox the same?

The two brands used to be different until 2005 when Victorinox acquired their fellow army knives producer, Wenger. Since 2013 many of the products manufactured by Wenger have been included in the Victorinox collections. So, yes, they’re pretty much the same.

  • Are Wenger and SwissGear the same?

Yes, although the brand names are different, they’re actually the same company. Wenger owns Swiss Gear and manufactures its products, licensing them in North America. They’re marketed under the SwissGear brand depending on the product.

  • Are Wenger backpacks machine washable?

Not all of the Wenger backpacks can be washed in a machine. For instance, leather backpacks are expensive, and it’s safer to just wipe those with a wet cloth instead. But the ones made from cotton can be washed in the machine easily.

  • Is Wenger the same as SwissGear?

The companies are essentially the same but have different brandings. Both are renowned Swiss brands and reliable to get products with excellent craftsmanship and design. The Wenger company owns the famous watchmaker SwissGear. And yes, you can count on both to give you the best possible backpacks for any use.

Final Words: Best Wenger Laptop Backpack

Just like the clothes that you wear, the backpack you carry represents your taste and personality. So, make sure it’s not just any bag, but the best Wenger laptop backpack in 2022. Life is a mess, but your daily essentials don’t have to be. And with the right organizing backpack, your workdays will fly by in a breeze.

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