Best Laptop Hinges

Best Laptop Hinges In 2022 [8 Most Durable Hinges]

If you’re in the market looking for laptop hinges, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the available options. Most computer manufacturers produce a variety of computers that are intended for different use cases. If you’re looking for tough hinges, your best bet would be to get a ‘rugged’ model.

All big companies make use of durable hinges in their laptops as they surely wouldn’t wish to deal with endless support calls due to broken laptop hinges! But it’s not impossible to damage a hinge, and if you need a replacement, read on to pick from the best laptop hinges on the market.

There isn’t a lot to consider when buying a laptop hinge. The only thing you should keep in mind is your laptop’s model.

Not all hinges will be compatible with your laptop, so you should first check if a given hinge is compatible with your laptop. With that being said, we will discuss the 8 top-rated laptop hinges on the market.

How Long Do Laptop Hinges Last?

The lifespan of a laptop hinge typically depends on some key factors – the manufacturing materials, build quality, and how users treat them.

Most high-end devices are built with metal back and high-performance steel hinges. This results in a much more reliable finished product. In most cases, even after 5-6 years of use, the motherboard might give up, but the hinges stay in pristine condition.

Another factor that plays an important role is the intensity of use. Aggressive usage wears out the hinges faster, making them wobbly or, in some cases breaking the plastic body.

In short, hinges stay good for 3 years on average, but a quality hinge can last up to 8-10 years with proper care.

8 Ways to Prevent Laptop Hinge from Breaking

The hinge in your laptop is a delicate and small mechanism that could easily break. But like any other piece of machinery, it is possible to keep them functional by taking proper steps. Let’s go over some steps that will help the hinge last longer –

  1. Use Good Laptop Bags

Most of the time, people don’t use proper bags to carry their laptops. This might not seem like a big issue, but in the long run, this poses significant problems.

A proper padded bag can protect your laptop. Make sure you are using fitted bags; this ensures the device doesn’t move too much when traveling. Thus, relieving the stress of the laptop.

  1. Treat with Care

As we’ve said before, proper care can make your laptop last a long time. Avoid throwing it on the sofa, pillow, or bed. Always be gentle with your laptop.

By doing this, the laptop, as well as the hinges, will be saved from unwanted damage.

  1. Never Drop a Laptop

The prime reason for the broken hinge is accidentally dropping. Regardless of how heavy-duty your laptop is, it will definitely break if it falls on a hard surface.

So, be careful when carrying your device. Don’t let it slip from your hands.

  1. Never Speedy Fold or Close

Every time you fold and unfold the laptop, it puts stress on the hinges. So, if you close or open them too fast, they may create unnecessary friction, thus making them loose. Even if you have a 2-in-1 laptop with the best hinge, the damage may be irreversible.

  1. Close Your Laptop Properly

Have you ever been to a university campus? If so, then you have surely come across first-year students who are in a hurry, carrying their notebooks.

In some cases, the students might even forget to take out the pens or books from inside their laptop screen. This can cause problems like – a pink screen, dead cells, and also breaking the hinge.

Be sure to check twice before slamming the screen.

  1. Use Lubricant or Grease

Most of the time, the hinges get loose, but the opposite can happen too. The hinges on your PC may stiffen with age. This creates excessive friction while opening/closing. If left untreated, it will surely lead to more serious damage; the hinge can come off or break entirely.

To prevent this, consider using the best lubricant for laptop hinges. Apply a small amount between the joints, close the laptop a few times, and wipe off the extra grease.

  1. Carry Your Laptop Properly

Laptops are oftentimes referred to as notebooks, but unlike actual notebooks, it is unwise to carry them under your arms.

Improper carrying is one of the biggest reasons users break their laptops. Some users tend to carry the laptop by the screen when moving in a hurry; this can damage the screen as well as the hinges. Over time this weakens them and results in permanent breakage.

Be careful not to carry your beloved notebooks in this way; always close the lid, put them in a safe bag, and then go to your destination.

  1. Avoid Poor Build Quality Hinges

Honestly, any poor-quality product never lasts long. The same can be said for laptops and other electronic appliances of such. The material used in building the body can create a problem in the future. Plastics are pretty easy to break, more so if they are of bad quality.

It is pretty much a standard for low-end devices to break after a year or two of rigorous use. Our advice would be not to move the laptop much.

How to Check If Laptop Hinge Is Broken or Loose?

Thanks to the hinge, the laptop screens don’t take too much effort to close/open. This ensures the monitor always stays in place. But when the mechanism gets jammed or loose, you’ll notice a slight change in the amount of force required to open the laptop.

Primarily, you can tell whether your laptop hinge is damaged or not by opening the lid. This is the easiest and also the fastest method to check the integrity of the component.

You can also visually inspect the integrity of the hinges. If you notice slight bumps in the hinge area or can’t keep the screen at the desired angle, your hinge could be broken.

How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge in a Short Time (Step by Step)

Fixing a wobbly monitor can be tricky but don’t get freaked out; we are here to help you through the process. Follow the steps accordingly, and your laptop will be good as new in no time –

  1. Getting Replacement Parts

First, check the model and the serial number of your device. Then contact the local retail shop or manufacturer to order the replacement part.

  1. Disassemble the Laptop

Remove the battery and unscrew the top plate. Detach the ribbon, and then remove the keyboard. This will expose the inside mechanisms.

Unscrew the bottom plate, and disconnect the memory sticks along with other peripherals.

Remove all the side screws as well. Remember where you remove the screws from; otherwise, you’ll be in a pickle when putting it back together.

  1. Removing the Halves

Remove the screw securing the display to the base and carefully pull it away from the screen. Remove the ribbon, take apart the two halves of the display, and carefully pry out the bezel from the LCD cover.

  1. Replacing the Hinges

Remove the hinge covers to see the damage. Carefully remove the remaining screws holding the hinge. Next, take your new hinge and secure it to the base.

  1. Putting Everything Back Together

Now that you have changed the hinges, it’s time to put the laptop back together. Attach the screen to the laptop base; try moving it a bit to check whether the joint is too tight or not. Make final adjustments using pliers.

Be sure to use the best glue for laptop hinges once you put back the monitor as it was before. Keep in mind that it will take about an hour to cure the glue fully.

Carefully put back the memory cards and attach the peripherals. Put back the screws exactly how you found them.

8 Best Laptop Hinges In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

This list will find laptop hinges for 3 popular laptop manufacturers; Dell, Acer, and HP. While the hinge sets here are compatible with the most commonly available laptops of the three brands, you should still cross-check your laptop’s model before confirming an order.

  1. Rangale Right and Left Hinge for Dell Laptop – Best for Dell Laptop

Replacement Laptop Right and Left Hinge for Del-l Latitud-e E5570 5570 Precisio-n 15 3510 Series Laptop L&R LCD Hinges Set

In the world of computers, Dell is renowned for producing some of the most durable laptops. Most of their laptops can withstand the test of time, thanks to the high-quality components used all around. The same can be said about their hinges, but just one mistake would be enough to break them!

The hinge set we have here can be used as a replacement for several Dell laptops – from the Dell Latitude E5570 series and the Dell Precision 15 series. As both series share some mechanical parts, this hinge is compatible with laptops of both models.

While this hinge isn’t from an OEM, it is still made from high-quality steel, and you can expect it to function just like the original hinge.

Installing it is a fairly easy process, but keep in mind to keep the laptop turned off before you begin disassembling it. If you’re doing it yourself, don’t forget to get the best grease for laptop hinges to make them more durable.


  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Compatible with Dell Latitude E5570 series and Precision 15 series laptops
  • Easy to install
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Compatible with only selected Dell laptops

Special Note

If you need a replacement for the broken hinge on your Dell Latitude E5570 or Precision 15 laptop, this one is a suitable choice.

  1. Zahara Laptop LCD Screen Hinge Set – Best for HP laptop

Zahara Laptop LCD Screen Hinge Set Left + Right Replacement for HP 15-BS 15T-BS 15-BW 15Z-BW 250 G6, 255 G6 925297-001

Next on this list, we have a hinge set from Zahara. This brand is renowned for manufacturing durable hinge sets for a wide range of laptops. This hinge set is produced for a handful of the most popular 15-inch laptops from HP.

Just in case you were wondering, does HP produce durable laptops? Yes.

But is it impossible to damage their hinges? No.

Fortunately, it is easy to get a replacement, and if you have a 15-inch HP laptop, you’ve just found it! This hinge set is compatible with the following HP models; 15-BS, 15T-BS, 15-BW, 15Z-BW, 250 G6, and 255 G6.

It can also be used on a few other 15-inch models as well, but check for their compatibility first. This hinge requires a little expertise for installation, and it would be best if you went to a professional to get your laptop’s hinge replaced.


  • Produced from high-quality steel
  • Compatible with a wide range of HP 15-inch laptop models’ hinges
  • Accurate dimensions ensure hassle-free installation
  • The package comes with additional screws
  • Expertise required for installation

Special Note

This Zahara hinge set could be the perfect replacement for the broken hinge on your 15-inch HP laptop. However, make sure to check the models’ compatibility first.

  1. Zahara Laptop LCD Screen Hinge L+R Replacement for Acer – Best Left and Right Hinge for Acer Nitro Series

Zahara Laptop LCD Screen Hinge L+R Replacement for Acer Nitro 5 AN515-41 AN515-42 AN515-42-R8SH AN515-51 N17C1 N17C7 AN515-53 AN515-51-504A Predator Helios 300 G3-571 G3-572 PH315-51 33.Q28N2.002

The Acer Nitro series consists of some of the best entry-level gaming laptops on the market. Since the laptops comprise more silicon power, cost-cutting measures had to be taken. Although the laptop has a sturdy and durable build, a lot of users reported that they had to replace their Nitro’s LCD hinge.

This Zahara hinge set an AEM replacement for nearly all 15-inch models across the Nitro 5, including the Predator Helios 300 G3. Apart from its wide compatibility, the hinge set has standard quality and accurate measurements. In fact, you won’t be able to tell it apart from the OEM hinge set.

Replacing the hinge set on your Acer Nitro 5 may require a professional. The components inside are fragile and need to be handled by someone with the necessary expertise.


  • High-quality build and accurate dimensions
  • Compatible with almost all Acer Nitro 5 models
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Precise dimensions
  • Not compatible with Acer AN515-52 series laptops

Special Note

If you’ve broken the LCD hinge set on your Acer Nitro 5, this replacement kit can fix your laptop to its former glory! Although it is easy to install, you may need to visit a professional for the installation if you don’t have sufficient expertise.

  1. HK-Part LCD Hinges Set Replacement for HP – Best LCD Hinge for HP Laptop

HK-Part LCD Hinges Set Replacement for HP 17-X 17-X100 17-X007CY 17-X114DX 17-X115DX 17-X116DX LCD Screen Support Hinges Left + Right P/N 856599-001

Computers have become marginally more powerful in modern times, and you can get desktop-grade performance from a compact and lightweight laptop! This hinge set is a genuine OEM replacement part from HP. It is compatible with numerous 17-inch HP laptops, including the HP Omen X series.

Although this laptop has a strong chassis, it is easy to damage the LCD hinge with a little force. But that isn’t much of a big deal, as OEM replacement parts are always available!

The hinge set is compatible with a handful of 17-inch models, but you should still check its compatibility with your laptop before choosing it.

Depending on your expertise, you may or may not have to go to a professional to install this replacement kit. If you are doing it yourself, you’ll appreciate the extra screws that come with this hinge set!


  • OEM replacement part from HP
  • Compatible with HP Omen X series and multiple 17-inch HP laptops
  • Easy to install
  • The package includes additional screws
  • The hinge is fragile and prone to bending

Special Note

If you need an LCD hinge set replacement for your HP Omen X series laptop or any other 17-inch HP laptop that is compatible with this hinge set, rest assured, as this is an OEM product from the manufacturer itself.

  1. Rangale Laptop Left & Right Hinge for HP – Rangale Laptop Left and Right Hinge for HP

Rangale Laptop Left & Right Hinge for H-P 250-G6 255-G6 15-BS 15T-BS 15-BW 15Z-BW Series 15-BS020WM 15-BS000 15-BS015DX 15-BS030NR 15-BS060WM LCD Screen Hinges Set 925297-001 AM204000500 AM20400060

When it comes to durability in entry-level laptops, nobody can deny that HP has a series of very lucrative laptops. The laptops are practically indestructible as long as you handle them properly. A few mechanical components may give in with time, such as its LCD hinge set.

But that isn’t an issue, thanks to the Rangale hinge set we have here. It is compatible with a wide range of HP 15-inch laptops, including the G6, BW, AM2, and BS0 series. If the hinge set is compatible with your model, you can get it to replace your laptop’s damaged LCD hinge.

It doesn’t take much to install the hinge set, and you could do it yourself if you’re familiar with disassembling and reassembling laptops. But if you aren’t sure about the process, you should visit a professional.


  • High-quality AEM hinge set
  • Compatible with a wide range of 15-inch HP laptops
  • Easy to install
  • Precise dimensions
  • Not compatible with a handful of new-gen HP laptops

Special Note

If this hinge set is compatible with your laptop, you can get it to fix your laptop’s broken hinge. It is as good as the original hinge set, and you could install it by yourself.

  1. Deal4GO Laptop LCD Hinge Kit Acer Aspire 3 – Best Laptop Hinges for Acer Aspire Series Laptop

Deal4GO LCD Hinge Laptop Screen Hinges Kit 33.HEFN2.002 for Acer Aspire 3 A315-42 A315-54 A315-56 A315-54K A315-54-35CL, Silver, AM0SR000

Acer is a popular name among professionals who require reliability and durability from their laptops. The Aspire 3 series consists of laptops that offer great bang for the buck and can handle heavy-duty usage. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, you could mistakenly damage a laptop’s LCD hinge with little force.

This Deal4GO hinge set is an AEM replacement kit for Acer Aspire 3 series laptops. But it doesn’t come with the side brackets, so you’ll need an extra set if you’ve damaged the brackets on your laptop. Apart from that, the hinge set is almost identical to the OEM one.

It is quite simple to install this hinge set, but if you aren’t sure of the process, you should get help from a professional.


  • Simple to install
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Accurate dimensions with OEM-grade finish
  • Compatible with all Acer Aspire 3 series laptops
  • Doesn’t come with side brackets

Special Note

If you’ve broken the LCD hinge set of your Acer Aspire 3 laptop, you can easily fix it by yourself with this replacement hinge set from Deal4Go. Depending on your expertise, you may or may not require professional help.

  1. Suyitai Replacement Hinge Set for Acer Aspire 5 – Best for Acer Laptop

Suyitai Replacement for Acer Aspire 5 A515-51 A515-51G A515-51G-515J Series AM28Z000100 AM20X000300 AM20X000400 LCD Screen Hinges Set

Acer has earned its reputation by producing some of the most reliable laptops on the market. They have several line-ups, and the Aspire 5 series offers some serious bang for bucks. The laptop has a relatively sturdy and durable chassis. But just like most laptops, the hinge set may need to be replaced sooner or later.

This replacement kit from Suyitai is as good as the OEM hinge and has accurate dimensions, so the installation can be error-free. However, you might need help from a professional as special skills are required to disassemble and reassemble the laptop properly.

It is compatible with all Acer Aspire 5 models, including the Acer Aspire 5 A515-51, A515-51G, and A515-515J series laptops.

  • Compatible with all Acer Aspire 5 15-inch laptop models
  • AEM replacement kit is as good as the original
  • High-quality build with precise dimensions
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Expertise required for error-free installation

Special Note

This Suyitai LCD hinge replacement kit can be used for fixing broken hinges on all Acer Aspire 5 laptops. The process is complicated, and it would be best to get the hinge set replaced by a professional.

  1. GinTai Laptop LCD Hinge Set Replacement for Acer – Best Hinge Set for Acer Laptop

GinTai Laptop LCD Hinge Set Replacement For Acer TravelMate Aspire E5-523 E5-523G E5-553 E5-553G E5-575 E5-575G E5-575T E5-576 F5-573 F5-573G F5-573T P259-MG P259-M FBZAA014010 FBZAA015010

Lastly, we have a hinge set for another series of Acer laptops. The Gintai hinge replacement set is compatible with all Acer TravelMate Aspire series laptops. These models flaunt simplicity and reliability as they’re specially made for people who’re always on the run.

Practically, all Acer TravelMate Aspire laptops offer great durability. A few mechanical components may need replacement with usage, such as its hinge set. Older hinge sets on laptops from this series tend to get stiff, so replacing the old hinge set with this Gintai kit should allow you to restore the laptop’s former glory.

The process isn’t very complex, and you can install it by yourself if you’re familiar with assembling and disassembling laptops.

  • Simple installation process
  • High-quality AEM replacement kit
  • Compatible with Acer TravelMate Aspire series laptops
  • Additional screws included
  • The hinge set requires careful handling as it is prone to bending

Special Note

This LCD hinge set replacement kit from Gintai has the great build quality and precise dimensions. It is easy to install on all Acer TravelMate Aspire series laptops.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Perfect Laptop Hinge for Your Laptop in 2022

Before you decide to get a laptop hinge set for your laptop, you should consider the following factors –

  • Compatibility

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing the perfect laptop hinge. Laptop hinges aren’t universal; they’re strictly limited to the models they are designed for. Therefore, you must first check if a given hinge set is compatible with your laptop.

Getting the wrong hinge set would just waste your time and money, as it cannot be installed on your laptop.

  • Easy to Replace

Another factor that should be considered is the ease of replacing the hinge set. Some laptop models have complex designs that involve a lot of screws and require delicacy when being disassembled. On the other hand, some laptops are very simple to open, and replacing the hinge set should be a breeze for most people.

If the hinge set is easy to replace, you can save quite a bit of money by doing the replacement yourself. But if it is complex and tedious, your best bet would be to visit a professional to install the hinge set.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are laptop hinges durable?

In general, most laptops come with hinges that are pretty sturdy. In fact, the hinges are designed to last at least a few years of usage. A good laptop should offer at least 30,000 open/close cycles during its lifespan.

  1. What is the purpose of a laptop hinge?

Laptop hinges are the mechanical components that support the display screen when they are opened. It also protects cables that connect the laptop’s motherboard to the display.

  1. Are Lenovo laptop hinges good?

Laptop hinges are mechanical components that can endure a few years of use. Lenovo has used sturdy hinges in all their laptops, but mishandling, over-tightening screws, moisture, and a lot of other factors could cause damage to a laptop’s hinge.

  1. Can I use a laptop with a broken hinge?

Yes, you can use a laptop even after the hinges break, as the wires would still connect the laptop’s display to the motherboard. You could replace the hinge to repair the damage.

  1. How much does it cost to get a laptop hinge fixed?

The total cost will vary depending on your location, the laptop that needs replacement, and the local IT market of your region. Generally, it can cost anywhere between $100 to $300.

  1. Is laptop hinges replacing cost high or affordable?

If you’re getting the job done by a professional at a service center, it actually costs upwards of $100 to get laptop hinges replaced. But if you’re doing it by yourself, you’ll just have to spend a fraction of that cost to buy a replacement hinge set.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best laptop hinges, all brands offer the same level of quality and reliability. But it actually depends on the users and how they’re handling their laptops. Generally, hinges are designed to endure years of usage. I hope to have helped you in your hunt for laptop hinges. Best of luck!