How To Reset Samsung Laptop

How To Reset Samsung Laptop?

This article discusses how to reset Samsung laptop units right at home without the supervision of an expert.

Owning both a Samsung smartphone and a notebook has taught me that there are a few things I better learn myself. You never know when these devices require such attention.

When you are away from your comfort zone and in an unfamiliar route/area, for instance, what would you do if your laptop chooses that particular moment to act up?

Or maybe it is time for the enhanced model replacement, and you wish to sell the current scratch-free Samsung laptop unit. A super common cause even entails forgetting the log-in password!

However, I have to enlighten you with a few things before you set to work. Consider them as precautionary elements.

5 Things You Should Do Before Resetting Your Samsung Laptop

This section will prep you for any method of complete resetting of the Samsun laptop you own. If you have not executed these guidelines yet, here is a start.

  1. Save Files

Do you have mounds of files lying all over the storage? It is time to back them up and save anything that is open/work in progress.

The moment you minimize these files, especially saved in the primary drive to reset the device, you will lose them all.

It is a hard lesson I had to live with for months, but you can avert it with a few backup plans. Use external HDD/SSDs, USB flash drive, or any cloud storage for this step.

  1. Copy Drivers

Remember that whenever you opt for a Samsung laptop hard reset, deletion of the primary driver is fixed.

Everything and anything you saved in there will vanish into digitized thin air as if they never existed. Therefore, try moving them from C: drive beforehand as you save the files.

If you have any business/financial presentations or important personal data there, transfer them ASAP.

  1. Save Product Key

Since Windows 10 is the most common OS now, I will tell you how to save its product key without any assistance.

Type ‘cmd’ in the search bar of Windows found at the bottom left corner. Right-click on the Command Prompt to Run as Administrator.

Now copy the following command ‘wmic path software licensing service get OA3xOriginalProductKey’ and paste it there, press Enter.

It will show the original product key of the Windows the laptop came with. Please copy and paste the product key to Notepad or jot it down somewhere.

Some units have the product key sticker attached at the back of the laptop.

Ultimately, save any product key of various software applications too before you initiate the resetting program.

  1. Save Serial Keys

There are many third-party tools available to recover the serial keys. However, this is about the Windows Registry that enables manual scans.

Launch the Run menu using Windows key + R; type ‘cmd’ and press Enter. Here, search for the software you have in mind and continue hitting F3 till the serial numbers appear. You will see them in the data column.

As for the external devices like storage media, bought software, or Adobe products, most serials keys are printed on the product box or recorded in associated papers/emails.

  1. Copy Or Backup Browser Setting

We often neglect this feature and end up trying to recall account details that were saved many moons ago.

Whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can always backup your browser settings. So, use the sync, import, or Run Utility options from the browsers.

3 Things You Must Know While Reset Your Samsung Laptop

You cannot begin the reset and head out for lunch or a recreational break. The coffee can wait as you have to prevent the laptop from stoppages that might occur.

  1. Don’t Shutdown

There is no way you can interrupt the resetting process. It is out of the question.

However, things happen as we shift our glance even for a second. Many laptop owners ask if shutting down the system is alright.

Can you continue an operation if the device is shut down?

  1. Stay Connected to Power

One major foresight to neglect when we reset Samsung laptop devices is the power cable. Make sure the laptop is fully charged so that it does not shut down halfway.

Some resetting methods might even require internet, though most options can be done offline. Still, staying close to the Wi-Fi range is advisable.

  1. Reset Right Way

Yes, there is the right way and the wrong way. Avoid third-party resetting tools that may contain malware components.

It will do more harm than good. Follow the three safe methods mentioned below to avert damaging shortcuts.

Plus, ensure all are ready before getting to the real work.

3 Easy Ways to Completely Reset Samsung Laptop

These techniques are pretty straightforward and convenient for people who are still getting used to the advanced systems of digital innovations. Let’s jump right in!

  1. How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop by Using Recovery Solution

Before we delve deep into the steps, what is the Recovery Solution? It is a software tool, which is known as Samsung Recovery in Windows 10. There are various versions of it to match with the operating system you own.

It backs up user data, the current system, etc., to restore later, followed by a factory reset.

Keeping my old school model in mind, let me tell you how Samsungnotebook factory reset works.

  • Step 1

Since the utility tool system is already on the unit, it will be easier to obtain it with a simple command. So,press+hold the Esc key and start the laptop.

  • Step 2

Continue holding the key till the restoring system window appears.

  • Step 3

Select the Samsung Recovery Solution from it to run the program.

  • Step 4

You will have one final chance to back up the user data. If you have done it earlier, skip this process and move to the next step.

  • Step 5

Go for the complete restore or factory reset, whichever option is given to indicate full reset.

  • Step 6

There will be a warning screen to inform you about the Windows 10 version, which will be installed as the reset process begins. It will also alert you of the data loss after completion.

  • Step 7

Make sure to read it carefully before advancing.

  • Step 8

A prompt will pop up for confirmation. Select OK.

  • Step 9

This will kick off the reset operation with another screen appearance. There will be a progress bar on it to help you determine the duration. Generally, it is from 30 minutes up to several hours. Be patient.

  • Step 10

Another pop-up message will notify you of the reset completion. Just click on the OK to begin the restart.

Then, the Windows 10 setup will appear after booting. You can do it right away or later at a convenient time.

  1. How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop by Using Hot Keys

This is one of the easiest ways how to reset Samsung laptop models since there is only one hotkey usage. It is to make the feature hassle-free for all customers.

Launch the system restore program by starting the Samsung laptop and pressing F4 or F7 immediately. Make sure the key hitting is rapid.

If the laptop is already running, restart it and quickly pressF4/F7continuously.

Both functions will let the program run automatically. It is one of the reasons why I specifically suggest it to users who do not wish to muddle their minds with too many steps.

Next, wait till the resetting process is over and the device is rebooted. If by any chance you have lost the log-in information, aka password, to start the laptop, this method can be useful too.

It removes such information during the factory reset. Consequently, it will erase everything else saved in C: drive as well. Hence, always backup everything before turning off the Samsung laptop.

  1. How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop in Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11

I have categorized the Samsung reset process based on the Windows version to help you understand the methods better. Take a look.

Windows 7

  1. Restart the laptop, go to Start, select All Programs, and launch Samsung Recovery Solution 5. (You should download it if it is not available in the unit).
  2. On the occasion of reboot failure, hit the F4 key during the Samsung boot screen pop-up. It will directly open the Samsung Recovery Solution 5.
  3. Select Restore > Complete Restore.
  4. Click the Computer Initial Status from the Restore time list and hit
  5. Once the reset process is done, press OK to restart the laptop.

Windows 8.1

  1. Go to Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery.
  2. Choose the Get Started button under the Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows
  3. Click Next when the new window opens. Then select Just remove my files and confirm the choice to factory reset your C: drive.

Windows 10and 11

Both Windows have a similar interface, allowing you to reset the Samsung laptop with ease.

  1. Click Windows icon/Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset PC.
  2. Choose between Keep my files and Remove everything. Then pick whether you want Cloud download or Local reinstall.
  3. The next option entails two default settings of Clean data and Download Windows. Choose the Yes/No preference carefully since there will be no other way to recover lost data afterward.
  4. Select Confirm to proceed; check the summarized details before finalizing the factory reset. It may take hours, depending on the storage speed.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is it okay to factory reset a laptop?

Yes, it can erase any error projecting in the operating system. The factory reset even boosts the speed and functionality that third-party applications have hindered over the years.

  1. Is it possible to completely factory reset your Samsung laptop?

You can factory reset the Samsung laptop if the unit shows various issues unsolvable by standard commands. The factory setting will erase anything you have installed after the purchase of the laptop model.

  1. What does it mean to reset your Samsung laptop?

When you decide to reset the Samsung laptop, it implies a default state that the laptop was in in the first place. It will return to its original form by removing the majority of the programs and files created/installed after purchase.

Most drivers will be deleted too if they are the primary ones and make them clean as new. To sum up, all the settings will be how you encountered when you first turned on the laptop.

  1. What will happen if I reset my laptop?

It will lose the majority of the data saved in the internal drive. You will not have to worry about them so long you back them up in advance.

Resetting the laptop will also speed up the clock rate to its original state. The aftermath is a fast operating device that the unit once was in the beginning.

Moreover, maximum errors and critical problems faced during laptop runs will be gone afterward. It is also a handy method to apply when you decide to sell the laptop without leaving any personal data in it.

  1. Is it safe to reset a Samsung laptop?

If you face problems regarding the Windows OS, then it is perfectly safe to reset the Samsung laptop. It will typically erase any data from the internal drive in the process; that is all.

Keep everything in backup before you reset the laptop.

  1. Does resetting the laptop make it faster?

Yes, it is because the laptop will return to the default setup after the reset. It means everything will be restored to its initial state, including the given speed.

  1. What are the benefits of a factory reset?

Most benefits of a factory reset involve:

  • Fast and smooth operation
  • A fresh start for the most part
  • Resolves many unnamed issues
  • Removes unwanted or hidden junk/trash
  • The quickest method to erase everything before passing it on
  1. Do I need a Windows key after reset?

Not necessarily; the license or the product is not lost after the reset. You have nothing to worry about as long as the previous Windows OS in the laptop is a genuine copy and activated.

  1. How long does resetting a laptop take?

The duration depends on the OS version, RAM, processor speed, SSD or HDD drive, etc. So, expect approximately half-hour to four hours of the time. Some might even take up the whole day!

  1. Is it a good idea to reset your Samsung laptop?

Why not? But it is healthy not to consider resetting at any trivial issue. It would be best to opt for this decision only when there is no other plausible solution available

Experts Note

Being one of the best manufacturers globally, the current demand for Samsung laptops/notebooks is sky-high. Hence, it is better to note things down about how to reset Samsung laptop units, to be on the safe side.

I have been using mine for about ten years now, a sturdy notebook that was factory reset only once.

Samsung laptops are superb investments for effortless functioning. However, make sure you do not install too many unsafe tools/programs to the system.

It can damage the core stability by slowing down many features. If you can maintain the laptop perfectly, to begin with, you might not even require a factory reset.

All the best!

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